Static or Dynamic?

Does your website have a complicated URL? Do you want to attract your customers directly to your must-have product? Don't worry, allows you to shrink your target URL into an easy-to-memorize short URL and create the QR code associated with it. Your customers will be redirected to your website in a matter of seconds!

There are few things, which you can customize, when you decide to shorten your target URL with Most of them are available through the Advanced options link. offers you two modes, in which you can create and/or edit your target URL, short URL, and QR codes: Static and Dynamic mode. The Static mode is available for everyone, the Dynamic mode is available for registered users only (but it is free).

You can shorten your target URL and create the QR code for this short URL in both modes, but Static mode doesn't allow you to further edit, manage, or see the statistics of your link once you create it.

The Dynamic mode allows you to store and further edit your records. If your target URL will change in the future, you can simply edit it, so your short URL and QR code will point to your new target URL without a need to create another.

Before you share your QR code publicly, you can also change the short URL. This is the most interesting part of Dynamic mode. By changing the short URL, people can memorize and retype it easier later, even when they do not have an access to the QR code.

QR codes are customizable by means of size, error correction level, and colour. They are available in raster or vector image formats. If you want your QR code to be printed on big posters or billboards, then the vector SVG format is the most suitable for these purposes because you can change its size without the loss of quality at anytime. Although you are able to set up more options regarding the QR code visuals, only in the Dynamic mode can you make further changes on existing QR codes.

In the Dynamic mode, you can also see how many visits your short URL has in the daily, weekly, and monthly table sheets and line charts.