+Where is QR code used?

There are number of possible applications. It is predominantly used in manufacturing, sales applications, advertising your commercial and personal websites and blogs, sharing contact information (company address, e-mails), and GPS coordinates.

+What is QR code not good used for?

QR code can store very little information. Although it can keep binary data, it does not have the capacity to store image or audio/video data, or large blocks of text.

+How does your service work?

Our service is a combination of URL shortener and QR code generator. You can use both of them at once ("Shrink link") or the QR code generator alone ("QR code only").

+How does your URL shortener work? What are target and short URLs?

The URL shortener is a program which will generate a link ("short URL") that will automatically redirect you to your desired "target URL". The target URL can be almost every valid URL address beginning with http:// or https://. The short URL is automatically generated by our system and has a pattern http://q9.sk/[suffix]. Suffix is a random string by default, but can be edited.

+How does your QR code generator work?

The QR code generator is a program which creates a QR code that encodes the short URL. When you change the short URL, the QR code will also change. You may want to think about changing the short URL to something you like before you share your QR code publicly.

+What is the difference between the buttons "Shrink link" and "QR code only"?

With the first button, you can shorten your target URL to generate a shortened link. This will also create a QR code of your short URL. The second button will generate only the QR code of any string, so you do not have to enter a valid URL address to generate the QR code.

+I have no time to read! What is the main difference between Static and Dynamic mode?

The main difference is that the Dynamic mode allows you to change your generated links anytime you want. In addition, you can see the statistics of your short links in daily, weekly and monthly line charts and tables. But as expected, the Dynamic mode is only for registered users, because you will have an account, in which you can manage your links and see your statistics.

Static mode does not allow you to change any of your Short URLs or QR codes once they have been created. You can also use Static mode without setting up your own Account.

+Is your service for free?

Yes, most basic features on Q9.sk are free. Advanced features are available for purchase as indicated.

+Well, what are these products and how much does it cost?

There are two products that have a fee: QR codes in SVG vector format (5€) and setting up your own short URL strings (30-180€ per year). The complete pricelist is available via the link "Pricelist" in the footer of this page.

+How can I pay for products on Q9.sk?

PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

+What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

Our affiliate program is a revenue program where the affiliate (you) can earn a portion of our income from paid services available on Q9.sk. When you become an affiliate, a unique URL address is generated for you, which serves as a registration link and identifies you as an affiliate. When someone registers on Q9.sk using this registration link, you'll be ready to earn money when he/she will buy a product from our service, e.g. SVG images or change short URL. All relevant information is described in the Terms of use and the Affiliate program.

+How much can I earn if I become an affiliate?

You will receive a 50% of the price of every product your participants buy. The limit of payment is now set up to 30€. When your earnings exceed this limit, a "Request payment" button will activate on your affiliate account page. All relevant information is described in the Terms of use and the Affiliate program.

+How many people can contribute to my Affiliate account?

There is no limit set to the number of people who can participate on your affiliate account.

+Does it cost anything to be the affiliate?

No! The affiliate account is free for everyone.

+Well, it looks like easy money in my pocket. Is there a catch to the affiliate program on Q9.sk?

No! Our affiliate program is a way to promote our service by the affiliates themselves, who can help us to get more people to our site. In return, the affiliates can earn some money and we can do bigger things like adding new features or extending existent features.

+How can I contact you in case I need help?

You can fill out the Contact us form or write an e-mail directly to our support.