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Do you like our system? Do you think, your friend will like it too? So why not to earn some online money only just by recommending our system to your friends or recommending it to your partners?

To help us share our service and to help you to get some money from your existing Account, you can become an affiliate. With your Affiliate account you will receive a personal referral link, with which anyone can register into When someone clicks on your link and join, you will receive a 50% of the price of every product, that he buys.

And it is not all! Our account need renewal, so you will be getting the money every year, when they renew their account. So this system might be your "Golden Chicken (hen)".

Becoming Affiliate is absolutely free, you do not need to pay any application costs. Just click the button below and you will get another tab, which will show you, how many people have registered with your affiliate link, and how many of them have paid (and how much).

Please do NOT spam.

If we receive a spam report with your affiliate referral link you may lose your Affiliate membership and any unpaid affiliate earnings, so please consider non-spamming ways of sharing it. For example, you can add it to your e-mail signature when contacting your friends or colleagues, or share it in your personals blogs or social networks in a way that do not breach anti-spam principles.

Note: The limit of payment is now set up to 30 €. When your earnings exceed this limit, a "Request payment" button will activate on this page. Although you can click this button before your earnings reach this limit, you will have to pay an administration fee set up to 5 €. Your affiliate earning payout requests may take several business days to process.

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